Why I Love Gardening And Landscape Design ?>

Why I Love Gardening And Landscape Design

In the last few years, people across the world have been forced to work harder and for longer hours because life has generally become more complicated.

Even though it is important to keep up with the rat race that life has now become, it is also important to find leisure activities that you can engage in, especially if you wish live to be old enough to see your grandchildren, and also if you wish to avoid diseases such as high blood pressure, depression and anxiety disorders.

Gardening and landscape design are great activities that you can engage in. The following are reasons why I personally love engaging in these two activities:

Why I Love Gardening

To Connection With Nature

garden-flowersAccording to scientific studies, people who love gardening generally outlive those who don’t.

Since I wish to live to a ripe old age, I have fallen in love with gardening. Regular visits to my garden enable my body to freely get vitamin D from the morning and evening sun.

The soil has many useful and harmful microorganisms. Even though the latter may make me become ill, they strengthen my immune system in the long run.

Gardening Relieves Stress

I usually have extremely long and tiresome days at my work place. Whenever I get back home, I always strive to engage in gardening because it effectively soothes my soul, brain and nerves.

Just looking at the beauty of nature and fruits of my labor relieves me of all mental stress that I experience at work.

I have learnt that gardening naturally activates the release of feel-good hormones (endorphins), thus enabling me to feel happy.

I love gardening because I am quite sure that it will help me avoid preventable medical conditions such as hypertension.

It Teaches Me Valuable Lessons

Gardening has enabled me to learn valuable life lessons such as the importance of investing resources, working hard, being patient and accepting disappointments, among others.

The plants in my garden can’t grow unless I provide them with water, fertilizer, manure and a good environment.

Even though I may provide them with all the necessary requirements, they always take their time to grow and mature. In certain circumstances, the plants may not grow to maturity because of pests and diseases. All these elements have enabled me to appreciate the complexity of life.

Physical Well-being

Gardening generally requires me to engage in rigorous physical activities. I have to dig, plant seeds/seedlings, water, remove weeds and also spray my plants to prevent and get rid of pests and diseases.

All these activities force me to involuntarily engage in physical exercises. I know that my plants can’t grow well if I don’t take good care of them. It makes me appreciate the fact that I can’t have a healthy life if I don’t take good care of myself. This is why I love gardening.

Improves Mental Health

I love gardening because I understand that it helps to keep away mental conditions such as anxiety disorders and depression.

Being close to natural surroundings and watching my seeds germinate, blossom into beautiful flowers and eventually produce tasty fruits teach me the importance of taking one day at a time.


Why I Love Landscape Design

Because It Enhances The Beauty Of My Home

In the last few years, I have been consistently engaging in landscape design of my home because I realized that it (the activity) makes my home extremely beautiful. I used to wonder how some people manage to have very beautiful homes. When I started engaging in landscape design, I couldn’t help noticing how the appearance of my home was instantly transformed to become extremely beautiful.

Since then, I have been periodically developing designs that are tailored to suit my home. I feel so happy when I come to rest in my dream home every evening.

It Has Significantly Increased The Financial Value Of My Home

A few years back, I put up my home for sale because I was overwhelmed with debt. However, very few prospective buyers expressed interest in buying my property. pool-and-landscapeEventually, I decided not to sell it because none of the offers was attractive enough.

I started transforming its landscape as a hobby at about the same time. These activities have significantly increased the value of my property over the years. This is because many people have been expressing interest in buying the property, and all of them have been offering me very attractive financial packages.

Even though I have no intention of selling my property any more, I have just fallen in love with landscape design because it has increased (and still increases) the financial value of my home.

Expansion Of Usable Space

There are certain areas of my property that I had neglected because they had no privacy from prying eyes of neighbors and passersby, because there was too much noise due to proximity to the road and because of many other reasons.

A few years ago, I realized that I could actually transform these areas into usable space by simply landscaping them.

Landscaping design has enabled me to make efficient and effective use of all the space in my property. That is why I love engaging in this activity.

Enhanced Creativity

Over the years, I have realized that a landscape design can only look exceptional if it is unique. I love engaging in this activity because it greatly boosts my creativity.

There are many other reasons why I love engaging in landscape design. It enables me to;

Preserve nature. Conserve natural resources. Create a more conducive living environment. Create coherence between man-made and natural elements. Enhance the aesthetics and visual appeal of my home.

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